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Thank you for considering becoming an active supporter of this bill! If you have not already signed the petition, that is the most important first step in support of the Youth PROMISE Act.  However, it is your continued support in our nationwide campaign that will help us pass this legislation into law, positively affecting the lives of youth across the nation.

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You can also join or start an active team in your community or on a school campus in conjunction with other citizen advocates around the country as part of The Peace Alliance and Student Peace Alliance national volunteer network, who is spearheading what we call "Action Teams."  This is a leadership commitment to engage in key actions regularly -- until this and other key peacebuilding legislation is passed.  We want you to get invovled in your community, joined by friends, family or other local supporters we put you in touch with.  We will continually offer tools and training on how to become an effective champion for the legislation. 

We advocate for evidence-based legislation and policies that will enhance our capacity to reduce violence and build sustainable peace both domestically and internationally.  The Youth PROMISE Act is one of the primary pieces of legislation we are supporting in 2014, though we do support other issues.

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