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The Campaign

The Youth PROMISE Action Campaign

Youth PROMISE ActionThe Youth PROMISE Act has a chance to make an immediate impact on the lives of youth throughout our country.

The Youth PROMISE Action Campaign seeks to ramp up the public momentum behind the bill, causing a wave of citizen support that Congress cannot ignore. raises awareness of the need for the Youth PROMISE Act and records thousands of signatures that will help show Congress that this is a piece of legislation the American people want passed NOW.
Imagine saving thousands of potential victims.

Imagine giving every young person the opportunity to reach his or her potential. Imagine healthier families, safer communities, and stronger support for youth across the country.

Now stop imagining and make it a reality.  Tell Congress to support the Youth PROMISE Act today. (top)

Join the Campaign!

Partner Organizations:  SPA and TPA are seeking partners who will be involved in each stage of the campaign. This entails: participation in strategic planning, campaign logistics planning, sending requests to list-serves and new media communities, posting content on organization’s website, engaging people of influence (i.e. to blog, tweet, write op-ed), and coordination to establish advocacy meetings in districts and on the Hill. Partners and links to their websites will be prominently displayed on 

Supporting Organizations:  SPA and TPA are seeking organizations to support the action in some meaningful way, though not in as comprehensive a fashion as the Partners. This includes any involvement in the online and grassroots campaigns, from joining district or DC advocacy meetings to publicizing the petition online. Supporting organizations and website links will also be posted on the

To join the campaign as a partner or supporting organization email Matthew Albracht at

The Peace Alliance

The Peace AllianceThe Peace Alliance is a group of organizers and advocates throughout the United States taking the work of peacebuilding from the margins of society into the centers of national discourse and policy priorities. Making peace a reality for us requires an approach that includes advocating for evidence-based peacebuilding legislation and community peacebuilding efforts. Together with like-minded organizations we build broad-based coalitions, educate the public, and generate media in support of our specific policy and community service initiatives. The Peace Alliance is active in all 50 states and has leadership in half of all congressional districts nationwide.

Student Peace Alliance

Student Peace AllianceStudent Peace Alliance (SPA) is a national youth organization with over 80 chapters at high schools, community colleges, and universities. SPA unites young people to advocate for evidence-based legislation and policy that will reduce violence and build sustainable peace both domestically and internationally. SPA’s peacebuilding efforts engage youth in the day-to-day work of understanding and preventing violence in their homes, communities and institutions. SPA also works in close partnership with The Peace Alliance to bring peacebuilding to the forefront of policymaking, investment and understanding. This year SPA has taken on the Youth PROMISE Act as its primary legislative focus.